Cubs Take Over SNL

Hats off to the gang at Saturday Night Live for adding the World Series Champs to the lineup of their show On November 5th. Rather than have to players just stand around and say 1 line in much the same way that past world Champions have done on various variety shows over that last 40 years. The SNL writers found ways to put the Cubs in the episode and actually have things for them to do.

Sketch 1 was a surprise appearance that perfectly ended an already hysterical sketch. Aidy Bryant as a Grandmother in her 80’s having an impromptu Bachelorette party thrown for her by her family. The party goes exactly where you thought it would go.

Sketch 2 saw the Cubs player joined by Bill Murray doing a great rendition of GO CUBS GO.

Overall it was a great gift for baseball fans especially if your team is the Cubs and it was also a great example of how to make the most out of special guests. Hats off to SNL and congrats to Anthony Rizzo, David Ross, and Dexter Fowler who smiled his way into some bigger free agent money as his SNL appearance definitely raised his profile.

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