It Finally Happened

One of the happiest moments of my life was last night. It was because the team I have spent every living day rooting for… The team that I lose sleep over… The team I watch or read about or discuss too much with friends and my poor family… The team I think about several times a day… The team Ive taught my daughter to love, THE CHICAGO CUBS Finally won the World Series. I could go on and on..TRUST ME I can tell you how I had a Crappy Birthday and the Cubs still made it the best ever. I could tell you how even though I am unemployed and have suffered injuries that have led to permanent and disabling damage to my knees I am still so extremely happy to be alive. I could tell you how the victory has given me more hope than I have ever had. BUT…

The single most important thing about the Cubs winning is that my daughter will not have to go through the lovable losing sadness and disappointment that I had to endure. She knew enough of that to make it special that we had a history of losing, but her knowledge of that is limited and she will know them as THE WORLD CHAMPIONS or The Recent World Champions and Not the team you should pity or the team that always lets you down. I am happy that she now follows a team not┬ásingled out as being different or less than everyone else. She now follows a team just like everybody else and isn’t that what America is supposed to be all about?


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