Clinton’s best surrogate is a non official one

Mark Cuban is someone I have always admired. I first read about him 20 years ago.

(typical long drawn out Ray Lytle personal side note)

I was working in Radio and had hosted Rock Morning Shows from the time I was 20 years old. In 1990 I was working in Corpus Christi Texas at KNCN. It was a great station for many reasons. Great climate, beautiful women, year round outdoor basketball, great station Program Directors (Tim and Don the other guy was horrible) and of course I met my wife there. I also got introduced to my first computer. The Program Director was Don Gilmore who taught me how to use DOS to get into the computer and connect to a group of radio people from around the country. We would have discussions, share ideas, and I even sold some jokes and recorded bits. It was an amazing thing. I dreamed of what this computer could do if we didnt have to do all the typing to get in using DOS. I envisioned a world where we could just click something to make computer usage easier. I also wished for a way that audio could be transferred, shared and most importantly broadcasted. Bill Gates answered my first wish and my second wish was granted by Mark Cuban.

When I first heard about Cuban developing this new technology I became a huge fan of his. Now he wasn’t the only person to create this technology but his was the name that made the first paragraph of the magazine stories.

I marveled at the amount of money that was involved at the selling of the technology and the billions involved.

(Ray side note and background story over)

I followed Cuban through his many successes always admiring him and rooting for him. I remember being hopeful in 2012 when he was trying to buy the CUBS and I find myself rooting for him again.

I root for him as he speaks politically. He is a person who is not afraid to bring logic to so many of the arguments. He is a person who has become a Clinton Surrogate without actually being one.

Watch this video of him making, perhaps Trumps biggest Surrogate, Rudy Giuliani  look foolish in Mark Cuban fashion.

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